For copyright holders

If you are the copyright holder of this or that material located on the Education Hub website and do not want it to be freely available further, we are ready to assist in the removal of this material, as well as discuss the conditions for the provision of this content to users.

To do this, you need to send an e-mail: Please provide the following details:

1. Documentary evidence of your rights to copyrighted material: a scanned document with a seal, or any other information, for example, email from the official mail domain of the copyright holder’s company, that is, that will uniquely identify you as the copyright holder of this material.

2. The text that you wish to place accompanied by the deleted information. In it you can indicate where and on what conditions you can get information, the links to which were deleted, as well as your contact information, so that users can get from you all the information they are interested in regarding this material.

3. Direct links to the pages of the site that contain material to be removed from public access.

All complaints will be reviewed in the order they are received. If necessary, we will contact you.